Ground-Up Initiative (GUI)

Xmas Tree-Making (Adults)

Date: 2 Dec 2017
Time: 9:30am-12:30pm
Venue: Kampung Kampus (GUI) at 91, Lorong Chencharu, S769201
Price: $100
Contact Email: [email protected]

Get ready for Christmas with Touchwood! Roll up your sleeves and build your own Christmas tree!

You will see yourself sawing and drilling the pieces of wood to build the tree. Decorative segment include colouring, making ornaments with assorted blocks and hanging them around the tree. One more great news! You do not have to chuck it into the storeroom right after December, because this tree functions as a desktop message/memo stand! You can pin or clip your little reminders, photos and even small items on this tree!

Ground-Up Initiative (G.U.I.) is a non-profit organisation that nurtures our people by giving them space to discover their sense of purpose, empowering them to contribute effectively towards the stewardship of our world.  Our flagship programme, Balik Kampung (Malay for “return to the village”) since 2008, attracted thousands of volunteers from all walks of life and of various nationalities.

Located in Yishun, north on the island city-state of Singapore, many have come to the Kampung Kampus to experience for themselves GUI’s approach in sustainable living and a hands-on culture.   Since end 2014, we have embarked to build the Kampung Kampus on 2.6 hectares of land, which represented 260 times of increase in size.  GUI is building a low-carbon footprint campus and pioneering a new way of learning, strengthening communities and nurturing more grounded leaders based on our “Thinker~Warrior~Farmer” philosophy.

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*Confirmation email will be sent, once the minimum class size has been reached.
Touchwood reserves the right to cancel / make changes to the date if the minimum class size is not met.